Avoid Back Surgery with the NDS Method

Testimonials – Darrell L.


I was employed at a job where we made heavy-duty engine parts, requiring me to do heavy lifting. I had been lifting these parts for years until one time I felt a severe pain in my back.

It happened on a Friday. When I got up Saturday morning, the pain went from my waist all the way down to my ankle. The pain was a tingling and sharp pain. I just could not do anything–couldn’t walk, bend, pick up anything–and I could obviously not work.

I was diagnosed with herniated discs, sciatica, and a spondylolisthesis with severe disc degeneration. A chiropractor adjusted me and put E-Stim pads on my back every day for two weeks, but the pain did not get better. It did not work.

After the treatments with the NDS Method, my pain has gone from 10 out of 10 to about 3 out of 10. I can shop for food and I can walk, whereas before I could not go due to extreme pain. I can clean my house without pain and do most housework.

- Darrell L.